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Founded on the wisdom and worldview of the American Indian people, Takoda Prep welcomes young students as they explore the next steps in their paths as lifelong learners. Takoda Prep is committed to providing full support as students learn to become leaders in their own lives, no matter where they are in their personal journey to find success.


Takoda Prep is a home-away-from-home in a one-room schoolhouse that loves students through deep personal transitions; Takoda Prep is a greenhouse-like space that creates an environment primed for students to expand themselves and their lives.

About Takoda Prep

Takoda Prep is an accredited alternative high school for students ages 14-21. The school is under contract with the Minneapolis Public School district (MPS Special District #1) and focuses on helping all students make advancements in core academic competencies while maintaining a strong connection to American Indian culture. The school features a unique, small class environment that allows students to receive individualized instruction and support from the Takoda Prep learning community. Students can maintain a connection to their home school for extracurricular activities such as prom, athletics, and graduation ceremonies.


Takoda Prep offers students the opportunity to connect with options after high school. Each senior will complete a senior project (for credit) to make a plan for post-graduation. The school partners with MPS Indian Education to research colleges, education programs, and scholarships for students. Takoda Prep also participates in several college visits and welcomes speakers from a variety of colleges, training schools, professional organizations, military branches, etc. to expose students to a wide array of post-secondary options.

At Takoda Prep students can:

•Work toward earning their high school diploma from Minneapolis Public Schools

•Earn additional credits beyond their daily schedules through extra course work

•Juniors and seniors can earn college credits through D3 (Destination: Diploma to Degree) by enrolling in courses at Minneapolis College. These credits also serve towards high school diploma credits.

•Obtain credit for hours worked at a place of employment

Getting started check list

•Meet with staff for an initial tour and conversation

•If coming from out of the MPS district, work with the student placement center to get transcripts and a placement

•If applicable, provide the special education IEP (Individual Education Plan) records prior to enrollment. IEPs can be obtained from the last school of attendance. Staff can help facilitate this process if you do not know how to obtain them.

Grandfather Teachings & Values

The Seven Grandfather teachings are the roots to multiple Indigenous cultures and help guide individuals and communities along the Red Road. Following traditional wisdom like the Seven Grandfather teachings leads to growth and continued connection to all of our relations. By integrating these seven teachings into the curriculum, students learn about the teachings as well as how to live them and walk with ancestors along the way.



Trusting relationships are the foundation of the community; everyone strives to stay humble and compassionate in all interactions.


High Standards

As a community of lifelong learners, the students, staff, and partners gather and share wisdom, hold themselves to high standards, and honor the fact that the future is in their hands.



On a foundation of respect and empowerment, students, staff and partners will advocate for positive transformation in the world and in themselves.


Student-Led, Personalized Learning

Students and staff will bravely lead the learning with student-designed projects that are personalized, experiential, and valuable.


Holistic, Whole-Person Approach

Honoring the interconnected nature of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellness, students and staff will stay honest with one another and work towards finding the best pathways in the community and world.



Students, staff, and partners blend personal truths, cultural wisdom, and academic learning to advocate for positive transformation in the community and world.


Safe Space

All community members take part in creating a school that’s loving and safe, giving everyone the space to learn, grow, and explore themselves and the world.

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