Professional Development Courses

Grow your skillset with the Takoda Institute’s professional development courses. You will learn practical tools and knowledge that improve your performance and can help you get ahead in the workplace. Education is offered at no cost to students and our career counselors can help you find employment. To get started, complete the form below. For questions, call 612.341.3358, x146.


Digital Marketing

2 Evenings, Tuesdays & Thursdays

5:00pm-9:00pm, Online


Grow your knowledge in the world of digital marketing. This fast-growing field is in-demand for small businesses and large corporations alike. Takoda’s free two-day workshop will introduce you to concepts and tools that will enhance your digital marketing skills. Course topics include marketing trends, advertising tools, social media platforms, content management systems, planning strategies, and design tools.

2022 Schedule

January 31 & February 2

March 28 & 30

May 23 & 25

July 25 & 27

September 27 & 29

November 28 & 30

Project Management

7 weeks, Tuesdays
5:30pm-8:00pm, Online


Effective project management is an important skill in many workplaces. In just seven weeks, you will learn the phases of project management and how to use tools like Gantt Charts and PERT Diagrams. Students will also acquire skills to efficiently manage time and effectively communicate with team members.

2022 Schedule

February 8-March 24

May 10-June 23

August 9-September 22

November 8-December 21

Intro to Microsoft Office

6 weeks, Monday-Thursday
12:45pm-2:30pm, In-person


Takoda will help you to become a Microsoft Office pro. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of using a suite of Microsoft’s software including Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Students will be prepared to create letters, spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents that are beneficial in personal and professional settings.

2022 Schedule

January 3-February 11

February 14-March 25

April 4-May 13

May 16-June 24

July 5-August 12

August 15-September 23

October 4-November 10

November 14-December 21

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