Staff Directory


Dr. Joe Hobot
President & CEO

Katie Fitzpatrick
Vice President, Operations

Ann Merrill
Director of External Relations
Ext. 157

Neng Yang
Director of Information Technology
Ext. 134

Maggie Opare-Addo
Senior Finance & HR Administrator

Derrick Vorpahl
Marketing & Communications Manager
Ext. 151

Christina Robert
Grants Manager
Ext. 136

Cooper Anderson
Data Management Specialist
Ext. 129

Paul Pacheco
Facilities Manager

Richard Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 100/ 145

Aazhairiyah Green
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 100/ 145

Takoda Prep

Interim Director, Takoda Prep
Ext. 103

Jen Langreck
Ext. 158

Erika Hulleman
Ext. 139

Jesse Shagen
Student Outreach & Engagement Coordinator
Ext. 100

Adult Basic Education/GED

Director, ABE/ GED
Ext. 103

Leeann Nelson-White
Program Assistant
Ext. 191

Kelly Rynda
Ext. 143

Mary Woodlock
Ext. 144

Takoda Institute

Kimberly Ben-Haim
Director, Takoda Institute
Ext. 146

Delema Dionne
Dislocated Worker Program Manager
Ext. 124

Frank Runyon
Technology Support Instructor
Ext. 110

Lloyd Wittstock
Instructor & Adviser
Ext. 127

Katie Martens

Ayanna Martinez
Career Counselor
Ext. 153

Takoda Works

Barbara Hydeen
Director, Takoda Works
Ext. 150

Don Clark
Employment Services Coordinator
Ext. 115

José Santos Jr.
Employment & Training Developer
Ext. 119

Angela Fabel
Re-Entry Program Manager
Ext. 102

Jessica Rousseau
Youth Employment Services Lead
Ext. 114

Lyle H. Iron Moccasin
Recruitment Coordinator
Ext. 175

Angula Erkkila-Skinner
Re-Entry Coordinator
Ext. 159

Marion “Chub” Gilchrist
Employment Counselor
Ext. 112

Kasele Howard-Lockridge
Career Counselor II
Ext. 116

Pearl Gronquist
Career Counselor II
Ext. 116

Takoda Stability

Steph Nick
Director, Takoda Stability
Ext. 126

Stephanie Green
MFIP Manager
Ext. 171

Malachy Zamacoma
Career Counselor II
Ext. 131

Molly John
Career Counselor
Ext. 133

Seaarra Hetherington
Career Counselor
Ext. 132

Ozuya Crow
Financial Opportunities Coordinator
Ext. 141

Tiara White
Program Assistant