Distance Learning at Takoda GED

Distance Learning at Takoda GED

Takoda GED provides distance learning to extend the teaching and tutoring that take place in our classroom.  “Distance learning” simply means leveraging technology to help students continue their formal education when they are not in the same physical location as their teachers.  This option is ideal for adults who must balance employment, family, transportation, and other responsibilities while continuing to make progress towards their educational goals.  Research has shown that students who can supplement in-person, classroom learning with distance learning typically make greater gains on standardized tests.

Another benefit to distance learning is that it provides a meaningful context for learning digital literacy skills.  It is common for students to enter our program with limited experience using computers.  When a teacher or volunteer introduces a student to a distance learning platform, that student will learn and immediately apply skills like using a mouse, opening an internet browser, typing a website URL, logging in to Google Drive, or troubleshooting an error message.  All of these “computer skills” are seamlessly integrated with learning traditional academic content like math, reading, or social studies.

At Takoda GED, our students use an online course management system called Edmentum, the Khan Academy website and app, Google Docs, and email to stay in touch with teachers and complete assignments.  Students have the flexibility to study and practice in the classroom, at a public library, from home, or in any location with internet access…even on a smartphone while riding the bus or waiting in line!  Distance learning opportunities are available for students at all levels, from basic literacy to preparation for college or postsecondary training.  To learn more about distance learning at Takoda GED, please email elizabethb@takoda.org.


Elizabeth Bennett, Takoda GED Teacher

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