Fresh Start for a Single Mother

Fresh Start for a Single Mother

Pam* is a single mother who started at Takoda in early 2018. She had been homeless with her young son for the past three years. During this time, Pam jumped from shelter to shelter and was desperate to find a shelter that would offer some longevity, stability and one where she could stay with her son until she found housing.

After months of attending training and working with staff at Takoda, she obtained two industry certificates and attended work readiness workshops in preparation for employment.

Completing training was not an easy task as she struggled to find childcare, moved from shelter to shelter and navigated public transportation, but her persistence and the help of Takoda staff helped her succeed.

Takdoa Works staff began working with Pam in her job search, but she continued to struggle as she waited for her name to reach the top of the list for housing. She finally received the phone call she was waiting for that they had a housing site available for her and her child. Pam was elated with the news and told staff, “I will have a place to call home.”

Takoda Works staff continued to work with Pam to find a job. She applied for positions, went on interviews, and was offered a job that will help her earn sustainable income to support her family. Now with a a job and a place to call home, Pam is well on her way to a new and exciting life for her and her son.


*Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our participants