No-Cost, Accredited Training for Everyone

No-Cost, Accredited Training for Everyone

Providing career pathways and bridging the labor shortage

After a successful rebranding process, Takoda—American Indian OIC’s employment training subdivision—is proud to offer no-cost career training programs for all.

The Takoda brand, originally created for the organization’s accredited post-secondary school, was expanded to include the GED/Adult Basic Education program and employment services. This was done to demonstrate how the organization’s programs work together to address the totality of needs expressed by the community served. The name “Takoda” means “all are welcome” in Dakota. The name was used as the focal point of the new subdivision because reflects AIOIC’s commitment to both the Native community and inclusivity of all people.

In addition to the rebranding, Takoda will now offer no-cost career training and employment services. Takoda Institute, an accredited post-secondary educational institution, offers short and long-term trainings in the industries of information technology, business, healthcare, and construction. In addition to postsecondary training, Takoda offers no-cost adult basic education and GED classes through Takoda GED and employment services through Takoda Works.

The decision to provide no-cost training was made in response to the projected labor gap of 400,000 in Minnesota by 2024. By offering training at no-cost to the participant, Takoda hopes to equip more Minnesotans with access to higher education in industries that face the highest labor shortages.

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