From Students to Interns in Just a Day

This spring, Takoda hosted a Healthcare Career Fair which brought together students, jobseekers, employers and training providers for a day of networking and learning.

Jobseekers from all over the metro area gathered to learn about the potential careers they could have in the healthcare field, while healthcare employers learned about creative recruitment strategies including apprenticeship programs through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

While the event was a success for all involved, Takoda is particularly proud of the four students in Takoda’s Patient Services Specialist training who were offered internships from Children’s Minnesota, Native American Community Clinic, and Fairview during the career fair. Additionally, three other jobseekers gained internships from the connections they made at the career fair.

The event included a career fair, a healthcare employment panel discussion, presentations about healthcare apprenticeships, and healthcare career exploration activities. Takoda thanks its sponsor and event partner, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. With their help, jobseekers were able to connect with employment and training opportunities, and healthcare employers were made aware of the Department of Labor and Industry’s apprenticeship programs.