American Indian OIC Unveils the New “Takoda” Redesign

American Indian OIC Unveils the New “Takoda” Redesign

Minneapolis, MN:  Today, after a long rebranding process, the American Indian OIC, debuts its new “Takoda” subdivision, which includes a new logo, branding, and website.

The Takoda brand, originally created for the organization’s accredited post-secondary school, was expanded to include the GED/Adult Basic Education program and employment services.  This was done to demonstrate how the organization’s programs work together to address the totality of needs expressed by the community served. The name “Takoda” means “all are welcome” in Dakota. The name was used as the focal point of the new subdivision because reflects AIOIC’s commitment to both the Native community and inclusivity of all people.

AIOIC President & CEO Dr. Joe Hobot commented on the redesign, saying “I am very proud of this recent redesign work as it encapsulates how the American Indian OIC remains deeply rooted as an American Indian organization committed to its base constituents, while also signifying that we will support all who are building themselves up through education and career placement through the use of our services. The new redesign will demonstrate all of the various assets and resources that the AIOIC currently possess within its wide array of programming, and how they have been deployed in a coordinated fashion on behalf of our clients. I believe our organization remains on the forefront of innovation within the workforce development arena through our adherence to a coordinated approach that braids all of our services together around the variety of needs of our people.”

The redesign process began in early 2017 in response to the needs of both the organization and the community to help people better understand what services are offered at the AIOIC, and how these programs can and do work in concert with one another on behalf of the client to achieve their goals. The redesign will not only integrate the various programs available at the AIOIC, but will also include a new logo, branding, and website. To see the redesign in action, visit

To learn more about the redesign, please contact Brigit Boler at, or at 612-341-3358 x125.