Our goal is to help participants become responsible individuals who make good decisions while paving their own path to a brighter future.

 What is SOAR?

A program established to equip individuals with academic and vocational skills and provide access to opportunities that help them accomplish personal achievement and embrace a spirit of responsibility.

 Who does SOAR serve?

Youth 18-24 years of age who have had run-ins with the law but are looking for an opportunity that that will help them to improve their life and future.

Grant and scholarship opportunities to those who qualify!

All SOAR participants and family members will have access to a wide range of Takoda services, cost-free programs and trainings that include:

  • Various IT (Information Technology) Training
  • Patient Services Training
  • ServSafe Training
  • Administrative Support Training
  • Warehouse, Excavator and Equipment Operator Training
  • GED/ABE training and test preparation including accuplacer testing
  • Digital Office Training