Josh’s Success Story

Josh’s Success Story

Josh completed the Takoda Institute of Higher Education’s accredited Health Information and Patient Services Specialist occupational training program. Grants and scholarships fully covered his tuition, books, and fees. He was also provided with free job search support as he worked to enter his field of study. Here Josh shares an update on his life since graduation.

Before enrolling at Takoda Institute, I was jumping between food service and retail jobs, rarely earning above minimum wage. I was frustrated at the fact that I could never get ahead and felt stuck. I had heard of Takoda years before and even got to the point of attending the informational session but it took the strong encouragement of a friend to go back and check it out. Attending the classes at Takoda was challenging but what I found was a huge support system from faculty, Takoda employees and my fellow cohorts.

I now work at the Native American Community Clinic as a Front Desk Registration Coordinator as well as a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, earning my certification at the Mayo Clinic. In May, I will be going to the University of Minnesota to learn Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language).

Since graduating from Takoda Institute, I’ve more than doubled my income with my new job. The experience I gained from Takoda Institute bridged the gap from a volunteer position to a paid position.

I love working with the Community and being at a place where I have so much opportunity for advancement. I never would have gotten where I am today without the encouragement and support I received at Takoda Institute. If there’s anything I can say to current or future Takoda students, it would be to just push through the work and don’t give up! Getting that certificate was so much more than a piece of paper; it was an opportunity to cross the barrier from a job to a fulfilling career.