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By 2024, Minnesota will face a workforce shortage of 400,000 workers in the industries of healthcare, information technology, construction, manufacturing, and more. At Takoda Works, we see this as an opportunity to eliminate employment barriers and prepare jobseekers for a career in high-demand fields.

Takoda Works matches Takoda Institute graduates and clients with employers offering careers in high-demand industries such as information technology, business administration, healthcare, and construction.

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We work closely with job seekers and employers to fill the labor gap in high-demand industries.

For Job Seekers

Takoda Works will match your interests, skills, and goals with an employer in a high-demand industry with opportunity for advancement. Our employment specialists work with you one-on-one to learn what positions you are best suited for, and will finely tune your resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as improve your job interviewing skills.


Find a career, not just another job

Are you…
  • Seeking a career that offers a sustaining wage, continuous professional development, and an opportunity for advancement?
  • Looking for a career in the industry in which you’ve been trained?
  • Ready to stop job-hopping and start a career?
Jobseeker Services:
  • Skill assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Job training
  • Resume & cover letter development
  • Interview practice
  • Job search assistance
  • Job retention
  • Career advancement services
  • Career Readiness workshops
We offer programs for anyone:
  • SOAR – Re-entry employment services for young adults 18-24
  • MPLS Works – Job assistance for adults 18+
  • MPLS Youth Works – Job assistance for youth 18-24
  • Workforce Innovation for Natives – Job assistance for Native Americans

Takoda Works is a qualified provider for Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and SNAP Employment & Training

For Employers

By 2024, Minnesota faces a shortage of 400,000 workers. Takoda Works is combatting this by working closely with employers to reimagine hiring practices, eliminate hiring bias, and equip jobseekers with the technical and life skills needed to succeed in a career.


Build a Team, don’t just
fill vacancies

Are you…
  • Struggling to recruit and retain quality employees?
  • Looking to provide employees with a career pathway?
Employer Services:
  • Preparing candidates for work
  • Vetting candidates
  • Continuous access to qualified jobseekers

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