CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this course will be provided live online using distance learning technology.

Course Description


CompTIA Information Technology Fundamentals helps professionals gain a better understanding of information technology and explore careers in information technology. Rigorous instruction, test preparation, and credential testing is available through the Takoda Institute.


Lessons Include

  • Components of a computer and their usage
  • Operating systems
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Setting up and configuring PC workstations


Individuals benefitting from this course may include students considering a career in IT, professionals working in fields that require a broad understanding of IT, and marketing, sales and operations staff in IT firms.


Takoda’s CompTIA IT Fundamentals course is six weeks in length and taught live online, Monday-Thursday from 8:30-10:15AM. The following sessions are offered during 2021:


  • February 16-March 26
  • April 5-May 14
  • May 17-June 26
  • July 5-August 13
  • August 16-September 24
  • October 4-November 12
  • November 15-December 23

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