Admissions and Enrollment

Welcome to Takoda Institute of Higher Education, A Division of American Indian OIC.

Here you’ll find the information you need to become an informed consumer of Takoda Institute. From financial aid facts and forms, to information from our Student Services and Career Services departments, to academic information including course information, textbooks, and catalogs are all available here.

The Takoda Institute will also provide any specific consumer information documents or reports upon request in writing. To receive a copy, please send a written request to the Office of Student Services directly and allow the staff twenty four hours to process your request and to send your requested information to you.

Explore our student consumer information, and if you are thinking about attending Takoda Institute, go to our school site where you can learn even more about our creative community.

Individual Course Prerequisites:

Courses may have testing requirements and/or prerequisites. For example, Introduction to SQL must be taken before Intermediate SQL. Click on the course of your choice for details of the course prerequisites, listed just below the course titles.

Computer Support Specialist (Nine Months) 

Patient Services Specialist (Six Months)←

Choosing a Program:

During registration students choose a course of study. At that time, they must decide if they wish to be enrolled in one of the certificate programs or to register for individual courses only. Students must request in writing to change their program of study before the start of the next quarter. There are consequences in how the credits apply for the various programs as well as in the availability of some student financial aid, to these kinds of changes. Please confer with the Financial Aid Officer before requesting a program change.

General Requirements:

Students who are fully enrolled in Takoda Institute programs must have a high school diploma or GED, and if born after 1956 must provide immunization records. They must meet the relevant testing requirements, meet financial aid requirements or make arrangements to pay for the courses. Takoda Institute recognizes that in rare instances students may not be able to provide documentation required by our admissions criteria due to issues beyond their control (e.g., loss of records due to fire or flood, inability to obtain records, home schooled students, etc.). In these rare cases, a school may use an admissions test in lieu of documentation of a high school diploma or its equivalent. Under these circumstances, the student must sign a statement attesting that he or she in fact obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent and state the reason(s) why documentation of the earned credential cannot be provided. The admissions test used under these circumstances must be reviewed by a qualified, independent, third party and certified as to the appropriateness of the instrument and required score levels (i.e., equivalent to a high school diploma).

Transferring Credits:

Credits earned at other schools may be considered toward completing a program at Takoda Institute if they meet the following criteria:

1. These credits will be documented on an official postsecondary transcript from an accredited institution.

2. The course material of the class credits being transferred in must be similar to the class being replaced.

All credit transfers are to be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar in consultation with the Director of Takoda Institute as well as with all relevant instructional staff. If a transfer of credits is allowed, those credits in effect supplant the required program credits and fulfill those credit requirements for program completion. (The full Credit Transfer Policy is found in the Student Handbook.)

Transfers to Other Schools:

Takoda credits may transfer to other schools, depending on the other school’s determination of the relevance to their curriculum in the areas of study the student chooses there. Takoda Institute will provide copies of transcripts of courses enrolled in and completed and of the syllabuses as requested to facilitate this process. There is no charge for Takoda Institute transcripts. Any Takoda Institute course a student enrolled in will appear on the transcript.

Proficiency Credit:

Official documents (CLEP or AP scores) related to transfer or proficiency credit must be received by Takoda Institute prior to the class start. No more than 25 percent of program credits will be considered for any type of proficiency credit.

Class Proficiency Test:

Students applying for programs requiring a Keyboarding class must complete a TypingMaster assessment at 35 words per minute and an accuracy rate of 92% percent to be exempt from that requirement. Requests for testing out of other classes approved by the Institute must be made through the class instructor within the add/drop period of the quarter. Testing out must be completed by the end of add/drop period of the quarter. No more than 25 percent of program credits will be considered for any type of proficiency credit.

Testing and Assessing

The Test for Adult Basic Education is a diagnostic Assessment used by vocational and post-secondary education institutions to determine a person’s skill levels and aptitudes.

Testing is required for long-term, adult basic education and GED students. Minimum scores and criteria designed to measure the applicants’ ability to benefit from training are established. Applicants with satisfactory test scores are formally admitted to a program of study. Testing for long-term students is given prior to each quarter. Other students may call the ABE/GED program at Ext. 103 for information on their testing procedures. Requires testing scores are as followed for all programs:

Accepted Scores

Accepted – academic flag/potential mandatory tutoring 

Accepted – academic flag/potential mandatory tutoring 

Accepted – mandatory 40 hrs of tutoring to be completed in 1st quarter 

Referred to the Bridging Program and the Adult Basic Education Program

Math                      Reading

7 or higher              7 or higher

5.5-7                       7 or higher

7 or higher              5.5-7

5.5-7                       5.5-7

5.4 and lower         5.4 and lower                                 

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Adult Basic Education:

Adult Basic Education students are those who are willing to engage in a learning contract for the purpose of skills improvement for Adult Basic Education or for GED preparation. Students testing for the full-time Institute may be referred to ABE to increase scores before being accepted by the Institute. Others who do not wish to enroll in the Institute may also attend these classes. ABE/GED classes are available free of charge, and are supported by the State of Minnesota.

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Students with Disabilities:

Admission requirements are the same for all students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply and to meet with a Career Services Representative and/or a Rehabilitation Services Counselor at a nearby site for an individual planning session for academic support services.

Readmission Process:

Former students who wish to reenter active status after withdrawing for any reason will need to start a readmission process with a Student Services Representative. For these students, as is the case with other students, all financial aid must be approved or arrangements made for payment before registering for classes.

Welcome Event:

New students in the six- and nine-month programs may enroll at the beginning of the quarter. New students will participate in several activities at the Welcome Event, which serve as an orientation. These sessions are designed to provide concise orientation to the overall requirements, services and facilities and to enhance student success through a series of activities.

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