Patient Services Specialist

Play a key role in a medical office after completing our 6 month Patient Services Specialist program.

[upside_list_skill title=”What you’ll learn”][upside_progress class=”pro-bar-wrapper pro-blue” icon_text=”Ps” font_awesome_icon=”fa fa-code” bar_percent=”85″ bar_delay=”400″]Medical terminology[/upside_progress][upside_progress class=”pro-bar-wrapper pro-blue” icon_text=”” font_awesome_icon=”fa fa-code” bar_percent=”75″ bar_delay=”400″]Electronic health records[/upside_progress][upside_progress class=”pro-bar-wrapper pro-blue” icon_text=”” font_awesome_icon=”fa fa-code” bar_percent=”65″ bar_delay=”400″]Billing and coding procedures[/upside_progress][upside_progress class=”pro-bar-wrapper pro-blue” icon_text=”” font_awesome_icon=”fa fa-comment” bar_percent=”55″ bar_delay=”400″]Medical office procedures[/upside_progress][/upside_list_skill]

Program Specifics

  • Credits: 30
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Cost: _____ Pell grants and scholarships assist in covering uition, books, and fees for qualifying students. No student will take on loan debt.
  • Always enrolling

Career Outlook

  • Median wage range ($18.57 – $21.62/hour)
  • Entry level: Administrative Assistant
  • Potential job titles
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Patient Intake
    • Patient Services Representative
  • Some courses you’ll take
    • Medical Language and Anatomy
    • Total Patient Encounter
    • Today’s Office Procedures
    • Customer Service in Today’s World
  • Employment Services
    • All students receive employment services and job search assistance through Takoda Works
woman talks to a man in customer service position
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