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Jennifer McDowell
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Jennifer McDowell

Takoda Institute-Curriculum Manager, Instructor and Academic Advisor

Jennifer McDowell was the kid who organized the neighborhood dodgeball games, the natural planner who loved making lists. She was also the kid who loved painting, drawing, and getting things done early. (Well, most things.)

These passions have taken her into various professional roles in the higher education industry, including: instructor at various academic Bachelor’s, Associate’s and certificate programs, Director of academic program assessment, Coordinator at faculty development and new faculty orientation, Project manager in institutional accreditation (academic scope)
and Director of academic programs.

Jennifer has also held various roles with the Air Force Association and the Minnesota Air National Guard. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota.

She gets kudos from students and colleagues for her focus and managerial skills, but it’s a hard-fought and life-long battle. She still feels the tug of life’s many “shiny distractions” and believes that inspiring others through creativity is work worth doing.