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Frank Runyon
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Frank Runyon

Takoda Institute-Instructor and Academic Advisor

Frank is an alumni of the Takoda CSS program and graduated with honors. Spent many years in music, recording and touring, loves cheese, and video games.

Why does Frank even have a Bio? Frank doesn’t like talking about himself, so instead he’s referring to himself in 3rd person. Frank, is always in his own little world, but he is very comfortable with it because everybody knows him there. Some people call him the “Computer Wizard” because his superpower is the ability to fix things just by touching them.

Frank is a 20+ year veteran of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Performing in a variety of musical groups playing anything from Irish traditional to Rock and Reel (That’s rock music with Irish Jigs thrown in when the entertainment director shows up to the performance). He also has his own CD, and if you ask, he might even give you a digital copy!

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to!” -Gandalf