Frequently asked questions…

Do I need to apply for loans to attend classes?

No. We do not ask anyone to apply for personal, State, or Federal loans.

How likely am I to find a job after?

Very. Most students who enroll in a Takoda Institute training report finding employment within 60 days of completion.

Can I receive multiple services through Takoda?

Absolutely! For example, a student who is eligible for WIN or any Takoda Works program can also be a full or part-time student.



What’s next?

  • First, you will sign up online to attend an enrollment session
  • Next, meet with the registrar to complete paperwork and submit required documents.
  • Next, you will meet with a financial aid representative to determine your eligibility for grants and scholarships.
  • Take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to determine your academic readiness.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the TABE, you’ll attend the Welcome Event where you’ll meet your fellow classmates.
  • Begin classes!

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How diverse is the student population?

Students at Takoda come from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Here is a snapshot of 2017’s student demographic:

  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 49%
  • Black or African American: 34%
  • White: 13%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander: 3%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 2%

Are there evening or online learning options classes?

GED/ABE has many options for distance, part-time and some evening classes, however, most of Takoda Institute’s classes do not have evening or distance learning options. Arrangements may be possible for students needing to attend classes part-time.

Is there childcare?

We do not offer onsite child care but we do have resources for our students who need to make childcare arrangements.