Enrollment Sessions

Enrollment sessions are for individuals looking to sign up for Takoda Institute and GED/ABE courses. They are designed to give participants an overview of Takoda and all that we have to offer as well as get you started with registration.

During the enrollment session, individuals will also complete an assessment, and register for their course of study. At that time, they must decide if they wish to be enrolled in one of the certificate programs or to register for individual courses only.

Individual Course Prerequisites:

Courses may have testing requirements and/or prerequisites.


Testing is required for all students. Minimum scores and criteria designed to measure the applicants’ ability to benefit from training are established. Applicants with satisfactory test scores are formally admitted to a program of study.


Click on the icons below to study and practice for the TABE

Updated 2020


9:45-10:00am – Arrive with your valid picture ID and Social Security Card

10:00am – Information session. Takoda Programs and Training

10:45am – Break

11:00am – TABE Assessment start and Enrollment

12:30pm – End

Please be sure to bring the following items to the next enrollment session:

-State ID (or Tribal card) and Social Security Card. A passport will pass for both requirements.

 A light breakfast will be served.

Enrollment Session Registration:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food support)
A friend, family member, radio, etc.
Please select one date.