Enrollment Session

Enrollment Session

Choosing a Program:

During the enrollment session, students learn about Takoda complete an assessment, and register for their course of study. At that time, they must decide if they wish to be enrolled in one of the certificate programs or to register for individual courses only.

Individual Course Prerequisites:

Courses may have testing requirements and/or prerequisites.Testing:

Testing is required for all students. Minimum scores and criteria designed to measure the applicants’ ability to benefit from training are established. Applicants with satisfactory test scores are formally admitted to a program of study.


For the enrollment session, please be sure to bring the following:

-State ID (or Tribal card) and Social Security Card. A passport will pass for both requirements.

 A light breakfast will be served.


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Please note, completing this form demonstrates your interest in Takoda, but this is not official documentation for program registration. Once we receive this interest form, we will follow-up with next steps for registration and enrollment.