Takoda Worked for Joshua

Joshua began working with Shirleen and Samantha in the Minneapolis Youth Works program. “I had a lot of struggles and I was tired of going through the same things over and over again.”


Shirleen and Samantha worked with Joshua to create a plan that helped him see how he could succeed and the steps to take to get there. “I was set up with clothing and transportation assistance which was the biggest help at first. Shirleen told me about Job Corps, so I enrolled.”


Joshua has since earned a Data Entry and Technology certificate and got a job making the money that he needs to afford an apartment. Joshua started working toward his college degree at Saint Paul College where he studies Sports Science. “What I plan to do is finish in that program and go on to work in fitness and sports medicine, inspiring people to get fit and healthy. I thank Sam and Shirleen for making me feel like I have family here.”