Takoda GED & ABE students Share Food and Stories at Potluck

Takoda GED/ABE staff and students gathered for a potluck on July 9th.
Felicia Sherrod, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

The students shared their journey stories that they hope will inspire other adults who are in need of a GED as well as the adults who have a diploma and want to go back to school but haven’t been in a school setting in a long time.

[upside_blockquote]“Adults need to support themselves financially, yes, but find that without a GED, they are limited in the types of jobs that they can find and find that advancement and pay raises are impossible. Testing feels scary and being judged for what you should know but don’t know is an uncomfortable thought. I’m here to show you that you can and will do this! This team is rooting for your success! -Annessia Swann, Takoda GED Director[/upside_blockquote]