Wells Fargo Donates Healthy Snacks for Takoda Clients

Students now have a healthy and free snack to help them focus during the day.


Our partners at Wells Fargo spent a day assembling 200 healthy snack packs for our clients and students at Takoda.

Our clients can’t always afford to bring a lunch during the day, which makes it tough to focus in class or in meetings with case managers.

Thanks to Wells Fargo’s generosity, our clients are able to grab a healthy snack to sustain them throughout the day.

Do you have a team or group who would like to provide our next round of snack packs? Email ivye@aioic.org to get started.







Takoda GED & ABE students Share Food and Stories at Potluck

Takoda GED/ABE staff and students gathered for a potluck on July 9th.
Felicia Sherrod, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

The students shared their journey stories that they hope will inspire other adults who are in need of a GED as well as the adults who have a diploma and want to go back to school but haven’t been in a school setting in a long time.

[upside_blockquote]“Adults need to support themselves financially, yes, but find that without a GED, they are limited in the types of jobs that they can find and find that advancement and pay raises are impossible. Testing feels scary and being judged for what you should know but don’t know is an uncomfortable thought. I’m here to show you that you can and will do this! This team is rooting for your success! -Annessia Swann, Takoda GED Director[/upside_blockquote]









Students Graduate from Takoda Prep

Students at AIOIC’s alternative high school, Takoda Prep, celebrated their graduation and years of hard work this June.

Ten students from Takoda Prep graduated this year. Each worked hard to complete assignments, study, earn credits, and plan for their future. Their next steps include going to college, enrolling in career training, and finding employment – all opportunities made possible with their high school diploma.

In addition to regular classroom instruction, students participated in a summer school program including planting a pollinator garden, designing and painting a mural, participated in cultural connection activities, and more. Throughout the academic school year, students visited Washington D.C., toured college campuses, created traditional Native art pieces, attended digital marketing and IT workshops, participated in the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s March, volunteered within their community, and more.

Congratulations to our graduates! Check out photos from the ceremony and celebration below:










Takoda Worked for Joshua!

Takoda Works helped Joshua find a job and gain momentum for his future.
Felicia Sherrod, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

In December 2018 Joshua A. began working with Shirleen and Samantha in the Minneapolis Youth Works program.

“I had a lot of struggle and I was tired of going through the same things over and over again.”

Shirleen and Samantha worked with Joshua to create a plan that helped Josh see how he could succeed and the steps to take to get there.

“I was set up with clothing and transportation assistance which was the biggest help, at first. Shirleen told me about Job Corps so I enrolled.”

Joshua has since earned a Data Entry and Technology certification and has gotten a job making the money that he needs to afford an apartment. Joshua will begin working on a college degree this fall at Saint Paul College where he will study Sports Science.

“What I plan to do is finish in that program and go on to work in fitness and sports medicine inspiring people to get fit and healthy. I thank Sam and Shirleen for making me feel like I have family out here.”