Jason’s Story

Jason’s Story

Jason found success at Takoda while taking advantage of the many resources available to him

In a quick conversation with Takoda Institute graduate Jason, it’s clear how much ambition and perseverance he has to better his and his family’s life.

Before enrolling at Takoda, Jason was a window cleaner for over 10 years and worked in various maintenance and other physically straining jobs. Wanting a more sustainable career, Jason enrolled in Takoda to get career training and employment services.

Jason first enrolled in Takoda’s Minnesota Families Investment Program (MFIP), and went on to enroll in Takoda Institute’s Computer Support Specialist training. In 9 months, Jason achieved an accredited certificate, and is currently studying to complete his A+ certification, a credential that will improve his career outlook.

“I was amazed by the amount of support at Takoda. It was overwhelming,” says Jason. “The classes are small, which offers more attention from instructors. The students are friendly, too. We asked each other questions and offered help.”

Over the past year, Jason has become a familiar face at Takoda. He can usually be found studying for his test and searching for jobs in the campus’s Career Resource Center.

From MFIP, to career training, to employment services, Jason has taken advantage all the resources Takoda offers and in turn taken his future into his own hands. In fact, his advice to future Takoda students is to “take advantage of all the resources you have access to. Stay on top of homework and listen to you instructors. Even if you get frustrated, keep working.”