GED “Lunch and Learn” gives students a broader learning experience

GED develop useful soft skills as they discuss pressing topics with classmates

In addition to regular class time and tutoring hours, Takoda GED offers a “Lunch and Learn” session three times a week where students form a talking circle and discuss topics regarding current events and curriculum.  

This is a way to incorporate Native teaching practices as well as allow students to explore and discuss topics that interest them. So far, some topics discussed have been:  

Current events: 

  • Controversial Halloween costumes 
  • Reasons people don’t or can’t vote 
  • Voter ID requirements 
  • Violence against Native women 
  • California wildfires 
  • Changes to Metro Transit routes 
  • Navigation Center for Hiawatha encampment 
  • Harm reduction models for helping opioid users 


  • Reading infographics 
  • Using algebraic expressions to describe patterns 
  • Mosaic art with fractions, decimals, and percentages 

 Takoda GED’s Lunch and Learn sessions have helped students develop soft skills like critical thinking, discussion, and conflict resolution, as well as relationship development. 

 Annessia Swann, Director of Takoda GED