Cody Finds Success, Passion, and a Job

Cody enrolled in Takoda Works’ BUILD program and gained the skills to a meaningful career.

The BUILD program is an intensive work program to help Native youth build work and life skills. The first 7 weeks consisted of life skills training and work ethics. The participants were then placed into a 9-week internship in the community. 

 When Cody* was interviewed for the program, he discussed some of the struggles he had, such as dropping out of college and no significant work history. When staff informed Cody of an opportunity to get an internship, he told staff that he would like an internship in the art field. Cody was then accepted into the BUILD program with hopes to help him grow. 

 But Cody had a rocky first 7 weeks – he struggled with tardiness and absences. He also had a lot of outside commitments that took him away from the program but he tried to work the program to the best of his ability.  

 Cody and the BUILD staff worked together to find an internship he would like. They looked for a Native-based program that would be willing to take him on and train him for the job. 

 Cody was placed in an internship at an art gallery where he flourished. His supervisor reported that his attendance was great and that he was excelling in the internship. He told staff that he highly enjoyed the work and was very happy to have this opportunity.  

 After his 9-week internship, staff and supervisors referred him to a local art gallery for a job, which he got. Not only is Cody is making a living and enjoying what he does, but he has re-enrolled in college and just completed his first semester. 

Through hard work and utilzining the resources available to him, Cody found success through the BUILD program at Takoda Works. 

*Participant’s name has been changed for their privacy

Samantha Fairbanks, Social Worker