Support Life-Changing Work at AIOIC

Support Life-Changing Work at AIOIC

Greetings, my relatives!

Each day I am reminded of the honor held within my work at the American Indian OIC and each day I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our community.

It can become so easy to find one’s self ensnared in the negativity that seems to permeate our world – reinforced by social media and the 24-hour news cycle. Whether it be violent crime, our country’s income inequality, warring political factions, or antiquated systems that are now find themselves breaking down…it becomes a challenge to not feel insignificant, helpless, or hopeless in a world that has all the appearances of spinning out further into the darkness.

However, through our work at the American Indian OIC, and the myriad of success stories that continue to emerge from our high school, GED program, post-secondary school, and employment services department, I am reminded daily of the good found in the hearts of our people, and exemplified by the efforts of our incredible staff. This goodness is plentiful, self-perpetuating, and more powerful than anything found in the headlines. The success of our clients is the success of the organization as a whole, and through the continued achievement of such successes, we are provided with irrefutable evidence that hope remains strong, and the light of the world is born from the countenances of our people.

One student who inspired many of us at the American Indian OIC is a single mother from the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe named Breanne. Breanne struggled to get promoted and attain a higher wage because she didn’t have her high school diploma. After trying other traditional GED programs, Breanne enrolled in Takoda GED. In just 5 months, Breanne had passed the GED test and was able to get a promotion with higher pay and benefits. Now, Breanne is enrolled in Takoda Institute’s Patient Services Specialist program and will attain an accredited post-secondary certification.

I am incredibly proud of what the American Indian OIC repeatedly is able to accomplish. As you can imagine, for me, it is not hard to see how hope prevails and how it will continue to prevail so long as the American Indian OIC continues forward.

Today I invite you to become a part of the same energy that inspires our work by making a financial contribution to the American Indian OIC. The success of this agency is only possible because of generous people like you. With your contribution, we are able to provide over 1,300 individuals with education and employment programming each year. This work results in richer and more fulfilling lives for those who rely on us and strengthens our community as a whole. With your help, we can transform lives, enact change, and create hope. Please give.

Pilamaya yelo and Miigwetch!


Joe Hobot, Ed.D

President and CEO